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Covering Knottingly, Pontefract and Castleford areas.

Beginner Lessons

Taking you from start to to finish this is the ideal course for any beginner driver to pass your driving test.

Confidence Building

I will help you to feel comfortable so you can take control of your car and your life allowing you to get your driving licence.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Do you want to pass your driving test very, very quickly? We have the right course for you.

Part Trained Lessons

If you can already drive you don't need to start all over. My course will help you build on your skills so you can pass your test.

Driving Test Rescue

Failed your test elsewhere? I know why you have been flunking and it is not your fault! This course will help you pass.

Motorway Lessons

Once you have passed your driving you will need to take this special course of lessons.
I had no experience so I booked the beginners course. I reckon Lynn is the best instructor I could have wished for.

I had some training with another driving instructor but went to Lynn and her part trained lessons. Best thing I ever did, she got me through my test first time.

I highly recommend Lynn to any learner driver.

I failed my driving test 4 times with another school so phoned Lynn and took her test rescue course. She made me feel so much better and I became a better driver in just a few hours. I got my licence because of her and I recommend her to anyone.

I passed first time with the intensive driving course. Thanks Lynn I got that promotion now.

Female Driving Instructor Knottingley

If you have ever thought that most driving schools look the same then I have to agree with you and after helping learners just like you pass their driving test for the last 6 years I know how to help you get your driving licence.

Learning to drive can be a blast, and it can also be a pin in the neck if you are lumbered with the wrong driving instructor so I want to say this pretty early. If you don't like my lesson, then don't pay me. We can part company with no hard feelings. I'm offering you this unique opportunity because I know I am good, but there is no point writing it, I have to prove it.

Anyway, on your first driving lesson with me it will be an experience you will never forget because you are going to learn the secret to passing your test. The secret is simple enough, but I want you to practice it on everything I teach you.

When you come to take your driving test you need to impress the examiner and they are looking for three things really. Are you safe? Are you in control of your car? Are you are aware of your surroundings. Now that all makes sense doesn't it, so it also makes sense sense to practice that routine on everything you learn.

On your first driving lesson I'm going to take you to a quieter area, even if you have driven before because the last thing we want are your fans (parents, brothers, sisters etc) giving you a nice big send off. They mean well but it can play on your nerves and you don't need that.

So we will start in a quiet area, certainly away from you home, place of work or college and your journey to passing your driving test will begin. Because I want you to pass your test first time and without taking too many driving lessons I am going to encourage you to pass your theory test quickly.

If we can get you through your theory inside 6-8 weeks, and you back that up by taking regular weekly lessons you are going to achieve your driving licence in no time at all. Some people do take far too long with passing their driving test and it tends to cost a lot of money, but sorting your theory sooner rather than later and have at least 2 hours a week you will be flying. 

I do have a waiting list and this is because I have 10 years experience and I am a very trusted driving instructor in Knottingley, so I ask you to phone me now. The sooner you phone me the quick you can start living your dream.

I look forward to hearing from you
Lynn Milnthorp

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